Healthy Ingredients for Your Pup’s Diet (And What to Avoid)

Ever look at the ingredient list on your pet’s food? It can be hard to discern which ingredients are healthy for man’s best friend and which have considerably less nutritional value. If the health of your dog is important to you, here is a list of healthy ingredients to include in your pup’s diet and less nutritional elements to avoid.


Nutrition-Packed Ingredients

These ingredients are considered healthy for dogs and can be eaten alone or included in a snack or meal. Check your dog food for these ingredients to see if your dog is receiving enough nutrients in his or her diet.


Great in fresh dog food and as a snack, carrots are packed with nutrients like fiber and vitamin A, along with a crunchy texture that dogs love. In fact, this texture can act as a cleaning tool against plaque and build-up. Carrots are safe for sensitive stomachs and are low in fat and calories.


Peas are often included in high-quality healthy dog food because of their protein and vitamin value. While too much of a good thing can be unhealthy, peas in moderation are healthy for dogs.

Lean Meats

Dogs are carnivores by nature and need lean meats in their diets. Turkey, pork, and beef are all good sources of vitamin B and amino acids. If you’re feeding your pup a meaty snack, check to make sure that the meat is cooked all the way through. Turkey is great meat to look for in sensitive stomach dog food.


Just like humans, our furry friends need vitamins and iron, too. Liver is a popular ingredient in healthier dog food and snacks because it contains more essential nutrients than muscle meat. Reminder: Liver does include a high amount of vitamin A, which can be hazardous in large amounts for dogs. Be mindful to not overdo the liver treats or feed your dog too much liver.

Ingredients to Avoid

While these ingredients are not considered healthy for man’s best friend, they are often included in feed grade dog food. If your current dog food brand carries any of these ingredients, it’s time to switch to a healthier diet for your pup’s health.


These are often included to cut costs in making dry dog food. These don’t have much nutritional value and often appear as corn, wheat, oat, and soybean. Fillers can cause sensitive stomachs to be easily upset, making it hard for your dog to receive the nutrition he or she really needs.

Rendered Meat

This element appears more often than you would think in dog foods. Rendered meat is made by combining animal by-products in a grinder to blend it all together and then is heated to remove the excess fat and grease. The resulting product is considered rendered meat and used in animal feed and pet foods. Dogs need lean meats, not animal by-products, for a healthy diet.

About Grocery Pup

Grocery Pup is changing the way we feel about dog food. They provide human grade dog food, allowing you to feed your pup a healthy, well-rounded diet without the hassle of making it yourself. Their dog food is designed by a veterinarian nutritionist, crafted from whole food ingredients, and cooked in a USDA-certified human-grade kitchen. You’ll find no rendered meats, fillers, chemicals, or by-products within their products. Instead, you’ll see real ingredients that you can understand.

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