Prepping Your Home for Your New Puppy’s Homecoming

Making the big decision to introduce a furry friend into your household can be exciting, especially if you’ve been wanting to find the perfect puppy for a while. This is a huge milestone for you and your new dog, and you’ll want to make sure everything’s in place before they come home. It’s important not only to gather all of the supplies you need but also to remember to make your home feel as comfortable for your new fur baby as possible.

Before your puppy’s homecoming, here are a few things to do to make sure this transition goes as smoothly as possible.


Assign Responsibilities

Unless you’re going to be the sole caretaker for this pup, assigning responsibilities to trustworthy family members establishes who is doing what early on. Different things to talk about before you get a puppy include:

  • Who’s taking him or her on multiple walks every day?
  • Does a specific person feed them fresh dog food in the morning and night?
  • Can someone play with him or her in the afternoon during the week and can someone else take them to the dog park on the weekend?
  • Where does the new puppy sleep?

If you plan on taking your puppy to get training, try hard to get everyone on the same page about commands, treats, and good habits.

Meal Plan

Ask the current caretaker for your puppy which foods your pupis currently being fed. Puppies’ stomachs can be more sensitive than when they’re full grown. Choose a sensitive stomach dog food to useas a topper on puppy kibble as a gentle way to encourage them to eat up so they get all the nutrition they need to grow big and strong. (Or, for smaller breeds, louder and more hyper.)

Don’t forget to put out a water bowl for your puppy that they can access at all times. If your furry friend tends to eat everything in front of them no matter what, specific meal times might work better.

Find a Veterinarian 

Choosing a vet clinic before you pick up your pup not only gives you peace of mind but also makes it easy to set up your first appointment soon after your puppy’s homecoming. Check online reviews and ask for pet owners’ recommendations for top-notch veterinarians in your area.

Questions to ask your vet during your first appointment can include:

  • What should I be feeding my puppy and how often?
  • When can I introduce him or her to more social situations with other dogs?
  • Is there anything about this breed that I should look out for?
  • How many shots does he or she need over the next few months?

Gather paperwork from the breeder or shelter and bring it to your vet appointment. Things they’re looking for include current shots, age, breed, and previous health issues.

Puppy Proof

The easiest way to keep your pup out of trouble is to remove any chewable items or block off areas he or she shouldn’t go into. Tape electrical cords to furniture or baseboards, put shoes away in the closet, gate off the stairs, and put people food out of reach of their curious snouts.

Choose a Potty Spot

This is super important! If you live in an apartment, you’re probably going to need designated paper areas for your new furry addition. Or, if you have a backyard, anywhere with grass might be okay for number ones but not number twos. Decide ahead of time to make house training easier once your puppy arrives.

Confusing a young pup with directions is the best way to make sure you have frequent indoor accidents. Stay on top of taking him or her out every hour for the first few days and reward them for going potty outside.

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